Tired of unreliable business internet service?

Finding reliable business internet service in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean can be difficult. That’s why Expedition Communications has partnered with Viasat to bring a more reliable satellite internet option to the region. Continue reading to find a business internet plan perfect for either your primary or back-up communication connection.

Our quick to install & professionally maintained satellite system keeps your business connected and your communication flowing. 

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How are we different?

Our business internet is different because all of our teams and equipment are local. This makes installation and maintenance lighting fast.

Also, unlike traditional satellite networks, we use a High-Capacity Satellite (HCS) technology operating in Ka-band, which offers significant advantages over conventional networks. One of the many advantages is the ability to adjust the signal strength based on weather conditions. This helps ensure that our network is highly available and ready to serve our customers and their business needs.  

Lastly, we differ from land-based carriers because we are completely separate and isolated from their land-based networks. This provides us a greater ability to stay connected during disruptions caused by common construction or a major natural disaster.

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Metered Plans​

Our metered plans are perfect as a primary or back-up internet service
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Unlimited & Customized Plans

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You pay a one-time installation fee. After that, regular maintenance is included for the life of your contract. 

Unlike other carriers, Expedition Communications gives customers a chance to renew at the end of their contract at the same rate for which they signed on. This is because we put the needs and wants of the customer first.

In the event that an outage occurs, the fact that our network is separate and isolated from land-based networks is a plus for our customers. It takes us less time than our counterparts to get service back up and running. We can have service back up and running quickly – often even same day. This makes our service a perfect connection for either primary or back-up service.

Another relevant point is that our satellite technology has low latency that’s about what you’d expect from a signal on a cell phone. 

Lastly, you can rest assured that Expedition Communications specializes in all things business telecommunications. As an end-to-end satellite solutions provider, we are experts in installation, service & maintenance. This means we know exactly what type of dish, mount and technology is needed to capture the best signal, where to place the dish and how to network multiple locations in a fast and secure manner. 

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