Technical Support Availability

Maximize uptime with Expedition Communications’ globally distributed
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Rapid Deployable Solution (RDS) Support – First Responders, Municipalities, & Government

Hours: 24/7, everyday

Phone Support: 1-877-343-4089

Email Support:

Business Class Support

Hours: M-F 7am-7pm

Phone Support: 1-877-410-8101, option 1, then option 2

Email Support:

Consumer Support – Peplink, LTE, and Satellite

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Phone support: 1-877-410-8101, option 1, then option 3

Email Support:

Client Customer Service Portal

If you have an enterprise customer account with a login, click here. Or you can email a dispatch request to

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I cancel my service?
Please email with any questions regarding the billing of your account.
Why is my service slow?
Many factors can impact the quality and speeds of both LTE data and satellite internet. For LTE data may be throttled due to you reaching the monthly data threshold of your plan. Or if you use a Panorama X window antenna, you might want to try repositioning the antenna to a different location. For satellite bandwidth, you need to make sure that your antenna has a clear view of the sky, as trees, walls, and other obstructions can degrade service. Also, you can try to repoint your antenna as sometimes winds or bumps can impact signal strength. If these tips don’t help, you can contact technical support.

Why is my satellite antenna not connecting to the Viasat network?
If your auto-deploy antenna is having trouble entering the network, power the system on and off a couple of times and try again. If it still does not connect to the network, you will need to contact the technical support team to confirm if your firmware is up to date and troubleshoot any other issues.


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