4 Tips to Improve Business Communications Systems

Tips to Improve Business Communications Puerto Rico Hurricane

The 2020 hurricane season in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean has been active. This is important for professionals and business owners because on average a hurricane season usually contains 12 named storms and nine hurricanes. And as history has shown, it only takes one direct hit from a hurricane to damage a region’s infrastructure and create down-time.

Down-time in an IT infrastructure causes more than worry. It causes economic impacts for businesses. Some studies have shown that an hour of downtime can equate to up to $50,000 in expenses for a company.

So how can a company be better prepared?

Tips to Improve Emergency Business Communications During Hurricane Season

  1. Analyze your current carrier type and diversify. If you have a land-based (terrestrial) carrier like cable or microwave, chose a service like satellite for your back-up internet. A user can gain an extra level of security by using satellite internet as a secondary service. This is because satellite internet is independent of local infrastructure. When cable or phone lines are broken by a storm, satellite systems can still be active.
  2. Seek providers offering high-quality equipment. Not all communication equipment is created equal. Find high-quality equipment and ask to see specifications for how much wind it can withstand. Satellite technology and equipment has seen many advancements. Many antennas are built to withstand higher winds than others.
  3. Look for internet providers with rapid response teams. Finding reliable internet in Puerto Rico can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Find carriers with a high level of customer service and fast response times. Inquire about how quickly installs and repairs can be completed and ask about service area limitations. The service provider’s response times will directly impact how quickly your business can get back up and running.
  4.  If you work from home find out if your home office can have a secondary connection. With so many professionals working from home, having reliable internet as a back-up is important. One challenge that telecommuting work forces have is that typical home broadband networks are designed for casual use, not constant day-to-day business bandwidth needs. Also, many home offices aren’t set-up to have secondary connections, so creative solutions are needed.

Individuals and companies looking to improve their emergency preparedness should consider satellite business internet as a solution. It offers business owners and remote workforces an alternative to the standard carriers, plus an added layer of security by diversifying technology type.

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