Minimize downtime and maximize access to funds for customers

Ensuring that your institution has a good reputation for service and a stellar reputation for customer experience is important. Reliable internet connections for both front of the house and back-of the the house processes at banks and investment houses are key building blocks for successful day-to-day operations.

Satellite connectivity can add redundancies to front of the house operations like ATMs, Commercial transactions, Wealth Management and Trading Desks. Or it can add safeguards for critical communications and systems such as compliance, clearances, records, communications and technology.

Industry Benefits

  • Minimize Downtime. Downtime for a financial institution means lost transactions and revenue. Satellite connectivity keeps services active and operations running.
  • Reduce Risk. Satellite internet is a non-terrestrial mode of communication. This means that even if your fiber or LTE connections fail, if you have satellite, you will still have connectivity and can still conduct business.
  • Better Customer Experience. In an ever increasing competitive market, customers look for institutions that can provide a higher level of service. Ensuring constant connectivity and access to their funds delivers on customer needs.

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