[SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, Jan. 8, 2020] – The second larger earthquake and subsequent aftershocks that rocked Puerto Rico early on January 7th, have triggered a need for island-wide assistance from Expedition Communications. For the next 60 days, businesses experiencing outages from the earthquakes can have installation fees waived.

Companies shouldn’t let communications downtime further affect their bottom-line. Business decision-makers feeling the negative effects of long internet outages are urged to call the region’s local team toll-free at 1-877-410-8101 for a free assessment and time estimate to have service restored.

“Since satellite internet is not dependent on terrestrial networks, like fiber, cellular or microwave, our systems can reconnect critical information and communications systems faster than conventional networks,” stated Jose Abril, Director of Sales, Expedition Communications. He continued to share that, “We are committed to helping businesses when they need it most, like now.”

Puerto Rico Earthquake Map
Photo Credit: CNN & KDRV Repost

Businesses experiencing outages or delays can have their scenario accessed free of charge and explore back-up or primary service solutions with waived installation fees. A local representative can share all details and help get businesses reconnected.

For more information, people are urged to call the local team toll-free at 1-877-410-8101 or visit www.expeditioncommunications.com/business-internet/ to learn more and submit a request form.

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