Expedition Communications Launches Connected360

A connected suite of products & services tailored for First Responders

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[CARLSBAD, CA] Expedition Communications, the experts in end-to-end emergency telecommunications, launches Connected360, a suite of connected products and services tailored for First Responders and mission-critical communications. 

Connected360 by Expedition Communications was designed by two Army Veteran Telecommunications Engineers – Dean Eldridge, CEO, and Jerry Creekbaum, CTO. The pair was determined to provide access to robust products and services specifically for First Responders that deliver 24/7 live customer support and a convenient means for procurement of all communication needs under one roof. The genesis of this program stems from Mr. Eldridge’s and Mr. Creekbaum’s tenure in the Army where they worked on designing reliable communications systems.

The connected suite includes a new line of enterprise grade global Ku-Band satellite internet coverage through Intelsat’s FlexMove Service. Expedition Communications is one of only a handful of partners to offer this worldwide service. 

Additionally, Expedition has reimagined their available Viasat Ka-Band First Responder Priority plans, which now offer more data and more pooling options for less and will be compatible with Viasat-3, which will have significantly faster speeds. Annual data plans begin at just $2,995 for 50GB of First Responder Priority data. 

“So often I speak with First Responders who are frustrated that their tools are outdated or don’t work when they need them,” stated Dean Eldridge, CEO of Expedition Communications. “We built Connected360 to ensure that First Responders and Municipalities have access to products and services that just work – and are supported 24/7/365 by our team of professionals.”

Under the suite, First Responders can build customized solutions from a diverse range of satellite bands, constellations, speeds, and coming soon – earth orbits. 

Additionally, Connected360 focuses on supplying a complete 360 degree of offerings beyond satellite internet that services First Responders from initial service through hardware procurement and maintaining their terminals through their lifetime of use.

  • First Responder Priority Satellite Internet
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Satellite as a Managed Service
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Integrated Hardware
  • 24/7/365 Live Customer Support
  • And a Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.)

Jerry Creekbaum, CTO for Expedition Communications was asked his opinion on why tailored solutions are important – he responded with, 

“Until you’ve lived and worked in an emergency situation and been responsible for all communications, you don’t really understand how important it is for your systems and services to work when they are supposed to. Teams rely on these systems to do their jobs and to be safe. Emergencies are unpredictable – your communications systems and service should not be. That’s where we come in.” 

Connected360 solutions are available now and most products and services can qualify for various grant funding through the USDA and other sources. For more information on the program or to speak with a representative, you are encouraged to visit the website at www.expeditioncommunications.com/connected-360 or to call 1.877.410.8101.

Expedition Communications is a global, end-to-end, emergency telecommunications solutions provider. The company specializes in conceptualizing satellite-based systems for critical communications. Since inception in 2008, the company has partnered with a wide range of clients across verticals – local, state, and federal government, healthcare, emergency response, pharmaceutical, Fortune 500, retail, IT, oil & gas, and more. 

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