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Restaurants and Bars

Featuring the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket, DirecTV offers everything your bar or restaurant needs to cater to a diverse clientele. For sports bars, custom sports packages with special pricing are available to attract more customers and establish regular patrons.

Gyms, Shops, and Lobbies

Who knew managing waiting customers could be so easy? A well-placed television with DirecTV can be the difference between a one-star review and a glowing recommendation. Simply providing something to pay attention to can help reduce the stress associated with waiting, resulting in a higher satisfaction rate and more repeat customers.

Hospital and Hotels

Provide the experiences guests expect at your hotel with a DirecTV package built specifically for hotels and resorts. Whether you choose a simple television plan or the groundbreaking DirecTV Residential Experience Plus, your guests will benefit from the superior selection and experience that DirecTV can provide.

Military Bases and Maritime Vessels

Make your bases and ships more comfortable with a DirecTV package. Your personnel will get the channels and programs they love, and your facility will have a higher overall satisfaction rating. Whether you need service for a mess hall, hospital rooms, or barracks, our team can work with you to find a solution.

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