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Hospitals and healthcare professionals are under constant pressure to provide the highest quality of care possible. Satellite communications technology can help them meet this challenge by providing reliable, high-speed connectivity in remote or difficult-to-reach locations.

Industry Benefits

  • Anywhere, anytime. Satcom can provide hospitals with a direct link to specialists and other medical facilities, allowing for consultants to be brought in quickly and easily. This can be particularly useful in emergency situations.
  • High-speed connectivity. Healthcare professionals often need to access large amounts of data, such as medical records and images. Satcom can provide the high-speed connectivity required to ensure that this data is available whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Better communication. Satellite communications can also help to improve communication between hospital staff, which is essential for coordination and collaboration.

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Case Study BetterMed

Overview: Dr. Davit Mrelashvili, an independent Neurologist who runs a medical practice called BetterMed, has been operating his practice remotely from Puerto Rico while treating patients in hospitals throughout the United States. The Dr. needed an exceptionally reliable internet connection to provide high-quality care for his patients who are located remotely.

  • Challenges: Before switching providers, he was working with a local carrier and experienced numerous outages and unstable connections. This meant that every time his connection was lost, he was disconnected from critically ill individuals who needed his help.
  • Solutions: Fast response was provided. This meant that the entire sales process, from inquiry to closing, and to installation, took only three days. The BetterMed solution uses Expedition Communications’ Unlimited Business Internet plan as a primary connection.
  • Results: The combination of these business-class satellite internet communications tools and technology are what today enable Dr. Mrelashvili to provide life-saving care to his patients via Telemedicine.

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