Business Continuity Plan - Installation at Avara


March 3rd, 2020, Arecibo, Puerto Rico – Avara, a well-established pharmaceutical company, was looking for a reliable internet solution to help them complete a business continuity. They needed a plan that would minimize internet and communications downtime during outages caused by natural or man-made events.

The company explored various internet options in Puerto Rico before selecting Expedition Communications as their partner for a business continuity solution. Their solution leverages Satellite Business Internet to provide a truly diverse backup solution for their laboratories and administrative offices. Satellite is an excellent choice for companies whose primary providers are terrestrial carriers because it provides a diverse point of entry and network connection.

Avara Arecibo Plant - Business Continuity Installation
Avara - Arecibo

Avara’s business continuity solution included business class satellite internet as a backup option to their primary provider, as well as 10 SIP lines programmed on their IP PBX phones.

By adding the 10 SIP lines on PBX they now have a diverse backup solution in place for both the transfer of critical information via the internet and for their communications if their phone service goes out.

Equipment Used for this Installation:

  • 1.2M Satellite Dish Antenna
  • Viasat Modem Gateway
  • 10 SIP Lines on IP PBX
Business Continuity Equipment - Satellite Dish Back