Business Continuity – Satellite as a Diverse Backup Internet Solution

Business Continuity - Internet Downtime Revenue Statistics


February 11th, 2020 was a day filled with collaboration as Expedition Communications and fellow telecom leaders gathered at the Capacity Caribbean event in San Juan, Puerto Rico to discuss topics that included business continuity, satellite, and related communication infrastructure subject matter.

At the event, leaders discussed and debated four key types of infrastructure: 

  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • Terrestrial
  • Submarine Cable Systems
  • And Data Centers

Many speakers discussed the challenges related to maintaining constant connectivity to the internet, along with new trends, and success stories.

Jerry Creekbaum, Chief Technology Officer at Expedition Communications, spoke at the event. He shared his expert insights around satellite internet as a reliable backup internet solution for all businesses, non-profits, and governments looking for a truly diversified business continuity solution.

Mr. Creekbaum also shared some interesting statistics on the impact of internet downtime to businesses without a reliable backup internet solution as part of their business continuity plan

Internet Downtime Statistics

Business Continuity - Internet Downtime Revenue Statistics

With projected revenue impacts from internet downtime exceeding $50,000 an hour, it’s easy to see why the team at Expedition Communications advocates for thorough and proactive business continuity planning.

During the talk, the key benefits of Satellite internet as a backup solution were shared.

Satellite Internet Benefits:

  • Diverse Point of Entry (connection on the roof)
  • Diverse network connection (off-island diversity)
  • No local infrastructure dependency
  • If you have power, you have service
  • Ubiquitous service, available virtually anywhere
  • Plus, many more

After the talk, the team at Expedition Communications and a representative from Viasat, Fernando Corona, continued conversations with event attendees at the booth.

Business Continuity Event - Team Image Expedition and Viasat
Left to Right: Fernando Corona, Jerry Creekbaum, Dean Eldridge, Jose Abril, and Rene Trujillo

The team was also highlighted by Capacity Media, the event organizers in an article that details how a large grocery chain in Puerto Rico is strengthening its business continuity plan. 

To discuss business continuity planning and to learn more about our Satellite Business Internet, speak to a team member.


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