Business Satellite Internet Redundancy Service

QUEBRADILLAS, Puerto Rico, Dec. 26th, 2019 – Cooperative San Rafael installs two branch locations with Expedition Communications’ Business Satellite Internet Unlimited Broadband plan as a redundancy measure. The installation complements the Cooperative’s existing business continuity strategy.

Business owners and key stakeholders are required to keep commerce running, even in the event of unforeseen disturbances to daily workflow. That’s why a well-thought-out and reliable business continuity plan must be in place, and all critical business functions must be covered. The team at Cooperative San Rafael understands this very well and has a full business continuity strategy. Expedition Communications’ backup internet service is just one piece of an IT recovery and emergency preparedness plan.

The installation in the two Quebaradillas branch locations included the expert installation and connectivity of two 1.2M Antennas, modems, and unlimited satellite broadband service.

1.2M Antenna
Viasat Modem

Thank you to our team of expert installers for a successful installation. And thank you to the team at Cooperative San Rafael for trusting us to keep you connected.

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