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Satellite communication systems, or Satcom, has revolutionized the energy and utility industry. It’s done so by providing reliable and cost-effective ways to connect remote assets and field teams to the internet and enables real-time data transfers from the most remote places in the world.

Whether you have a team at a remote solar farm in the Mojave Desert or a fracking crew seeking to relay data in the middle of rural Oklahoma, satellite enables a reliable connection that terrestrial services can’t, portability and mobility of services.

For the energy and utilities sector, there are various land mobile VSAT options available from ultra-compact and portable manpacks to more ruggest fly-aways and longer term semi-permanent options.

Industry Benefits

  • Greater coverage. One of the most significant benefits of Satcom for the energy and utility industry is its ability to connect remote assets. For example, oil and gas companies often need to monitor wells that are located in remote and hard-to-reach areas. Satcom systems allow these companies to connect to their wells in real-time, regardless of location. This information is then used to optimize production and ensure safety.
  • Reliability. Terrestrial systems can be disrupted by weather conditions or other interference, but satellite systems are not affected by these factors. This makes Satcom an ideal solution for critical applications such as monitoring power grids or managing oil and gas pipelines.
  • Better security than terrestrial systems. Satcom systems offer better security than terrestrial systems. Satellite signals are harder to intercept and jam than signals that travel over landlines or through the air. This makes Satcom an attractive option for companies that need to protect sensitive data transmissions.

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We’re always looking for the best solutions to serve the energy & utilities industry. Find here a selection of services and products that help thousands of people to keep connected everyday.

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Case Study Site Survey Project

Overview: A utility client with outdated IT infrastructure at over 1,400 locations had difficulty understanding their assets and circuits. They hired Expedition Communications to document and report existing connectivity, with a focus on expertise in telco, LMR, and IT logical flow-downs.

  • Challenges: Documentation and assessment of 1,400 sites, with back office support and secure transfer of information. Efficient budgeting and time management are required for success.
  • Solutions: Project assessment, dedicated project manager, coordination, personnel ramp-up, documentation, Visio and CAD drawings, secure file storage, 24/7 support team, reporting, and maintenance agreement for 3,300 locations.
  • Results:  Comprehensive understanding of assets for 1,400 locations. Back Office teams received visual support through Visio and CAD drawings. And the client received a secure file management system and a final report for upgrades.

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