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First responders and municipalities don’t have the luxury of determining when an emergency will occur or how long it will last. That’s why reliable communications systems are of paramount importance. Find complete VSAT solutions integrated with 4G and 5G LTE or standalone satellite internet services and products. This includes portable satellite devices, internet of things (IOT) devices, satphones and GPS.

Expedition Communications is proud to offer iDirect, Intelsat FlexMove, and Viasat satellite internet, including our First Responder Priority satellite Internet that is compatible with the FirstNet CRD. The team can also assist you with Verizon eFemto/small cell extenders.

Fire and Rescue Communication

Industry Benefits

  • Always connected. Terrestrial networks do not cover entire geographies, especially in rural areas, and have limited footprints. Satellite or VSAT solutions are tried-and-true and have made many advancements in speed, technology and accessibility. And since they are always on, First Responders can be always connected to their teams.
  • Prioritized services. Reliable communication systems can be the difference between life or death for First Responders. That’s why having prioritized data is so important. Not all data or networks are equal. Ask for prioritized data for all your internet and cellular public safety needs.
  • Interoperability. VSAT solutions for Public Safety augment gaps in terrestrial networks, can serve as the backhaul for LTE and microwave, and can be programed with auto-failovers to ensure that teams are always able to communicate.

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We're always looking for the best solutions to serve first responders. Find a selection of products and services to help teams stay connected.

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Case Study First Responders

Overview: A fire department in the North Eastern region of the U.S. had an outdated communications system for their Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC, which is situated in a sprawling region with lots of acreages, had communication coverage gaps, no fixed back-up services for their station and communication was unreliable.

  • Challenges: Managed coordination of assets and transportation services to facilitate the station migration. Developed a contingency plan with an around the clock team to ensure completion before the cutoff time.
  • Solutions: Collaboration with the customer created a comprehensive workflow process to guarantee a strict implementation timeline to avoid interruption to customer facing web services.
  • Results: The customer’s systems were migrated and running without incident from the move.

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