May Week 2: 20+ Satellite Installations

In the 2nd week of may, we deployed antennas in Florida’s beautiful capital Tallahassee, we had technicians in 4 different cities of Texas and also a satellite installed in Jayuya, Puerto Rico. As always our techs has uploaded some images of their work to show, below are a list of other locations we completed work … Read more

May Week 1: Satellite Integrations

We executed over 20+ satellite integrations last week including new deployments and some maintenance calls in Georgia, Las Vegas and in Texas.  A few pictures of our efforts are below: Service Locations HUNTSVILLE, AL BAKERSFIELD, CA SAN JOSE, CA DOVER, DE PENSACOLA, FL ALMA, GA ATLANTA, GA PEACHTREE CITY, GA LOUISVILLE, KY MANKATO, MN MORGANTON, … Read more

04/27 – 05/03: VSAT Installations & Transportation

We are getting close to the 450 installations/deployments mark and we are only halfway through the year.   We have sent our techs into exotic locations, up north to Canada and other regions of the world with pictures to show their work.  One picture we haven’t yet shared with you is how we get around…our main form … Read more

04/20 thru 04/26: VSAT Rollouts and Maintenance

Closing out a successful April, we completed system rollouts in Puerto Rico, Missouri, Utah, Richmond (capital of Virginia) and many other locations.  Have a look at some pictures of our services. Service Locations LIVERMORE, CA PUEBLO, CO CROSS CITY, FL ALMA, GA DECATUR, GA MARQUETTE, IA WICHITA, KS COLFAX, LA SIKESTON, MO BATESVILLE, MS KILLDEER, … Read more

04/13 – 04/19: VSAT Systems Integration

We delivered VSAT systems for our clients that we have been planning to deploy for a few weeks, integrating into their current satellite network and expanding their reach in different regions of the country.  Below the pictures of some of the systems we installed is a list of what regions we deployed these systems to. Service Locations CHINO, CA … Read more

April 2nd Week: Custom Installations

Our expert techs were sent out across the nation to do some custom antenna installation work this past week.  They were also deployed to Canada and Puerto Rico for a 2nd week in a row and snapped some pictures to share with you all. Service Locations HUNTSVILLE, AL SCOTTSBORO, AL SPRINGDALE, AR COSTA MESA, CA … Read more

April 1st Week: Satellite Installations and Pictures

Last week we installed satellites for our clients that cover various industries such as military, non-profits, oil and rigs and some financial fields.  Some of our clients are situated in Puerto Rico from Culebra, San Juan and Rio Grande so we had some deployments to get completed out there.  We also had some tech service … Read more

March Week 4: 30+ Installations and Maintenance Services

We still have crews working hard in the Caribbeans, installing new dishes and maintaining and servicing our previous deployments in Aruba, Jamaica and Panama City (with some more listed below).  We are glad to close the month of March with 30+ jobs completed here in the homeland and abroad, take a look at some great … Read more

March Week 3: Maintenance, Installations and Roll outs!

Last week we had maintenance calls in Canada, some new installations performed in Pennsylvania and rollouts in South America.  Our technicians has taken the liberty of capturing pictures of their work to share. Satellite Deployment Locations HIGHLANDS, CA VAUGHN, ONTARIO, CANADA PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO TEGUCIALPA, HONDURAS LAHAINA, HI ELDRIDGE, IA BOGUE, KS HILLSBORO, KS SCOTT … Read more

March Week 2: Int'l Satellite Deploys

Not too far from where our techs were at last week, this 2nd week of March we have satellite deployments in Philipsburg the capital of St. Maarten where the world famous Princess Juliana International Airport  is located, the Cayman Islands and in Kingston Jamaica.  We also have installations back here at home from Nebraska, Texas … Read more