Strategic Partnerships Help Puerto Rican Businesses

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Expedition Communications and Viasat help Puerto Rican businesses fine-tune their business continuity plan during hurricane season and beyond.

Although Expedition Communications has been in the Caribbean since 2014, the commitment to the region was strengthened through a strategic partnership with Viasat that began in 2019. The pairing has expanded service offerings for Expedition Communications. The partnership helps businesses get satellite internet with broadband speeds, as well as the many other services that were already offered.

As a result of the partnership, businesses have a reputable choice for an alternate internet provider for their backup internet service. Having a strong business continuity plan is especially important to Caribbean businesses during hurricane season, which runs from June 1st through the end of November.

Businesses Need to Stay Alert

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA) which forecasts and monitors hurricane activity, believes that while communities are trying to reopen from COVID shutdowns, they still need to stay on high alert for this year’s hurricane activity.

This is because “NOAA’s analysis of current and seasonal atmospheric conditions reveals a recipe for an active Atlantic hurricane season this year,” said Neil Jacobs, Ph.D., acting NOAA administrator.

This means that businesses need to plan for their safety and their backup internet service to ensure a high-level of business continuity.

Caribbean Hurricane Forecast Chart

Build a Diverse Backup Plan

Fortunately for businesses, the satellite communication systems and plans offered by Expedition Communications and Viasat make for a more diverse backup plan than one that just contains terrestrial-based (land-based) internet. Businesses can choose from high-quality equipment such as .75M to 1.2M antennas and metered or unlimited data plans, providing a variety of options to customers.

In a recent blog post from Viasat, that featured both companies, they explained that in regions like the Caribbean, businesses need internet options that provide better business continuity and have greater availability than traditional services like cable and microwave/wireless.

“With satellite, the beauty is you’re completely independent of the infrastructure around you,” said Jerry Creekbaum, Chief Technology Officer at Expedition Communications. “If an event like Maria were to happen again, we can often have businesses back up and operational within hours. This is because with satellite, if you have power, you can have service. No need to wait for lines or cable to be restored.”

Jerry CreekBaum CTO
Jerry Creekbaum
CTO, Expedition Communications

The reliable technology and flexibility of satellite internet make it a must for businesses situated in regions with intense weather, like the Caribbean. If you’d like to read the full article on the Expedition Communications and Viasat partnership in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, click here.

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