KVH TV Series

The TracVision line of marine satellite television antennas combine quality and luxury, providing the ultimate in HDTV viewing while at sea. Best of all, the TracVision line is built to fit any budget, boat size, and sailing location- from a sailboat in a lake to a large yacht out at sea.

The award-winning TracVision TV-series includes sizes, features, and options for every size ship and brings the television content you love onboard. It offers sophisticated technology that’s simple to use.

HD Series

Whether you need a global satellite TV solution or just the ability to receive DIRECTV HD channels, the TracVision HD-series offers it all. Now, everyone onboard can watch whatever they want on any TV onboard, in sharp HD resolution – with full DVR support – thanks to KVH’s exclusive TriAD™ technology for receiving broadcasts from three DIRECTV satellites at once.

M Series

High-performance marine television antennas, giving vessels uninterrupted satellite TV reception in rough conditions. Featuring the exclusive KVH RingFire technology, the M-Series will provide the absolte best in marine television reception regardless of extreme weather conditions.

Cobham Sea Tel Satellite TV Antennas

Cobham manufactures a well known and reliable line of maritime TV antennas from single to dual band Ka and Ku-Band satellite terminals that are compatible with DTV.

A commonly sought after product is the Sea Tel 120 HDTV antenna that provides worldwide TV coverage with 3-axis, and it is Ku/Ka dual band. While a this is a popular terminal, it is only one of many Cobham Maritime satellite solutions.

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