Sea Tel ST88 Marine Satellite TV Antenna System

The 2.1-meter SeaTel ST88 Satellite TV system delivers seamless satellite TV and music programming via Ku or C-Band to large vessels operating in coastal regions.

The Sea Tel ST88 marine TV antenna is our 2.1m TV-at-Sea system, the best fit for large vessels that operate in Coastal regions. The SeaTel ST88 marine antenna is based on our 8897B system with reliable and proven MK2 electronics that are also used in our XX09, XX10 and XX11 antenna systems.

The MK2 electronics have a host of improvements for improved productivity. These include: LED indicators for troubleshooting, USB port for BlueTooth adaptor and digital control interface between the motor driver and PCU for improved communications. The level cage used in the predecessor systems has also been replaced by high accuracy ccelerometers. This allows for continuous calculation of position, orientation and velocity vector of a moving object without the need for external references.

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