Sea Tel ST60 Marine Satellite TV Antenna System

The 60-inch Sea Tel ST60 Satellite TV combines cutting-edge design with TV-at-Sea capabilities for high-performance C-Band digital TV and music reception on a global basis.

This game changing 1.9 meter TV-at-Sea system enables watching TV even in some of the most remote marine regions of the world on C-band services The Seatel ST60 marine satellite TV antenna features Unlimited Azimuth operation using a 2-channel rotary joint ensuring uninterrupted TV services; no more waiting for the system to unwrap. With the SeaTel ST60 marine maritime TV antenna you will realistically never be out of range to watch TV.

Radome Dimensions
1.9m/74.8in. D x 2m/78.9in. H
Pedestal Type
3-Axis: Elevation, Azimuth, Cross level
StandardsMIL STD 167-1, IEC 60945, IEC 60950
Response Rate>100 degrees/Sec
Stabilization Accuracy
Ship’s Motion25 degrees roll, 15 degrees pitch
PolarizationCircular (LHCP / RHCP) or Linear (HORZ / VERT)
Feed AssemblyDual C Band Circular or Dual C Band Linear
Min EIRP (FEC 2/3)
33 dBW
Elevation range
-15 to 115 degrees
Azimuth range