Why Unlimited Unthrottled Data Plans are Disappearing

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We used to hear it every once in a while. “My unlimited unthrottled plan was shut off overnight and the company just disappeared! I don’t have internet right now, and need to find a new plan ASAP!”

Over the last few months, this has become a weekly occurrence. There are many reasons being thrown around for what is causing unlimited unthrottled cellular plans to disappear. Let’s break down some of the most likely culprits so you can make an informed decision on your next cellular provider.

Unlimited unthrottled one day, gone the next

Unfortunately for their customers, many data resellers don’t plan on being around long. The goal is a quick sale using cheap marketing gimmicks and a fancy website. The reseller disappears once the cellular network turns off your plan, leaving you without internet. We have heard many complaints of companies shutting off all phone lines, email addresses, and websites overnight. Once the company is gone, their customers are left without any idea what happened to their unlimited unthrottled data plan.

You can avoid this if you play it safe. A quick google search of the company name followed by “reviews” should help to uncover anything suspicious. Of course, if it is a brand-new company, there may not be anything online. This is also a red flag. Finally, check for a business address on their website. If they only have a PO box, a trailer in a field, or nothing at all tying them to a physical location, the company has no intention of staying around long-term. For these types of businesses, proceed with caution!

A less-than-stellar review page from one of our competitors. Customers should always do their research.

Another COVID business casualty

The cellular network has grown congested as more people work remotely or telecommute to school. To preserve the quality of the network, most cellular networks are ending reseller data plans.

Unlimited, unthrottled plans are the most affected so far. The profit margin for the cellular network is simply not there. Since July 2020 we have noticed countless cellular data resellers drop off after their plans were cancelled. Unlike the businesses that close shop one day and just fall off the grid, many of these companies affected by COVID changes had no intention of closing before their contract termination.

This creates a tricky problem for customers looking for an unlimited, unthrottled or high gigabyte data plan. While there are some that can still be found, they are almost all using backdoors to long-canceled plans. While these can still be found, they will all be shut off in time. Simply put, the days of unlimited, unthrottled are approaching an end, and anything you find now will be short lived. Most likely, the plan will only last a few months. Once the plan gets shut off, you are back to square one. Your best bet is to find a plan with an acceptable amount of data usage, even if it is not truly unlimited like the plans you are used to.

The T-Mobile and Sprint merger

The most common unlimited, unthrottled plans used to be from the T-Mobile network. As the merger continues and as their respective towers become consolidated into one network, many other changes are occurring as well. Cellular market analysts predict that the scrutiny being placed on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks during the merger has led to the discovery of many unlimited, unthrottled plans that were not authorized by the cellular provider. As these plans have been discovered they have been cancelled just as quickly.

The T-Mobile network includes the new Band 71, making it a favorite for remote travelers.

To prevent this type of situation happening to you, do plenty of research on the company you are considering. Making sure they are a legitimate business with a physical location is important- if they are not, they may very possibly be using one of these illegitimate plans and likely will not be around long.

Still looking for unlimited unthrottled?

The world changed in 2020, and the cellular landscape has not been an exception. From what we can see many of these changes are not likely to revert back anytime soon, and more cancellations of unlimited, unthrottled data plans are likely on the horizon.

With this in mind, the best course of action is to identify the plans and companies that pose the least risk. Unlimited, unthrottled plans are likely going away, so only go into these agreements knowing that you will likely only have service for two or three months. While not every company cuts you off without notice, some absolutely do so it is something you must be prepared for.

Most households don’t need unlimited data. A large gigabyte usage plan would work fine, even with the recent increase in usage. Graph from Statista.

If your data usage is within a reasonable amount, high gigabyte data plans are likely your best bet. MobilSat Cellular offers 20 to 500 gigabyte data plans with equipment that is optimized for mobile and remote environments.

Finally, as we mentioned before, do some research before deciding on a plan. Go for a plan from a company that has been around for a while, has a location, and has a support line where you can get help when you need it.

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