Pepwave MAX Transit

With a compact form factor, simultaneous dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi, and embedded cellular modem, the Pepwave MAX Transit is ready to deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi hotspots to your passengers from practically anywhere and in any environment.

Pepwave MAX Transit Mini

The MAX Transit Mini has specialized features for vehicular deployments. Ignition sensing, which detects the ignition status of the vehicle, enables the device to turn on and off as the vehicle starts up and shuts down. It is also equipped with GPS, enabling you to track its movements.

Pepwave MAX HD2

The MAX HD2 provides you with blazing fast connectivity on the go with dual embedded cellular modems and SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding, plus a built-in 4-port GE switch. Two SIM slots allow you to use the same or different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding or eliminating blind spots.

Pepwave MAX HD4

The MAX HD4 is packed with features to deliver outstanding performance from all your connections. Quad cellular modems and Redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots.

Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome

The Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome provides dual-cellular Bandwidth Bonding in an IP67 enclosure that has a minimal profile  while providing maximum signal. With redundant SIM, the HD2 Dome supports two cellular radios and four SIM cards.

Pepwave HD4 MBX 5G

One of the most powerful routers manufactured by Peplink, now 5G compatible. Bringing the absolute best in mobile connectivity in a rugged, future-proof package.