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What is a VSAT? Exploring Fixed, Portable, and Marine VSAT Units

VSAT Stands For ‘Very Small Aperture Terminal’ Expedition Communications provides all types of VSAT systems for government, commercial, and consumer use. We’ve broken down the different types of VSAT below, Technically, VSAT refers to any two-way satellite ground mounted or a stabilized maritime VSAT antenna with an antenna (dish) that is smaller than 3 meters;…

Parsec Border Collie External Antenna

The Border Collie antenna is a high-performance, 5G, CAT18 (600MHz – 6GHz) antenna, available with MIMO LTE, up to 3 WIFI and GPS. The Border Collie series antennas are rugged, high-performance, IP67 rated external antennas.

Parsec Technologies is an American-owned high performance antenna company. Since 2003, they have been producing market-leading external antennas and connectivity equipment for a consumer, commercial, and government market. Parsec provides a wide variety of antennas to fit the needs of a demanding mobile client base, including low profile LTE antennas ideal for vehicles, wall mounted or pole-mounted antennas for fixed wireless, and a variety of antennas offering 4×4 MIMO LTE and 4X4 MIMO WIFI. The antennas cover a wide range of frequencies, including 5G (600 MHz to 6 GHz), CBRS, LTE LAA, and cellular 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, and GPS.

RDS Echo

Portable, Rapidly Deployable SD-WAN

The RDS Echo has a quad-cellular router, antennas, and batteries all seamlessly integrated into a rugged enclosure. For even more cellular connections and frequencies, the RDS Echo is capable of integrating SpeedFusion Engines. Quad Cellular Modems and Redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots. For rugged, rapidly deployable cellular systems, there is no comparison to the RDS Echo.

Pepwave EPX

Extreme Performance SD-WAN Platform

Introducing the industry’s highest performing SD-WAN platform. The Pepwave EPX is a rapidly deployable, powerful, and versatile SD-WAN router that connects a wide range of WAN options from LTE-A and satellite modems to fixed line networks. At a 19″ 2U rack mountable form factor, the Pepwave EPX can combine up to 18 LTE-A connections for absolute connection reliability.

IBR600C Series

The purpose-built router

The IBR600C is the ideal solution for IT departments needing to deploy connectivity for remote employees and students quickly while maintaining security best practices, and most of all, without overtaxing already overwhelmed IT teams. With wired and wireless routing, embedded LTE, Wi-Fi, and comprehensive security, the cloud-managed IBR600C simplifies remote networking. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager facilitates zero-touch deployments, remote configuration, software updates, performance and security monitoring, and maintenance without needing expertise in cellular technology or building large scale networks.

Pepwave HD4 MBX 5G

5G Quad Cellular Mobile Powerhouse

The MBX 5G is a quad cellular mobile powerhouse with redundant SIM slots and multi-radio capabilities providing speed, reliability, and coverage by combining the best of 5G and LTE. The compact form of the MBX 5G allows it to be deployed in a wide variety of situations such as vehicles, vessels, and branch networks. It’s compatibility allows for upgradable modules for further customization to suit any deployment needs, including a SIM injector that can raise the number of available SIM slots to

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