Winegard SPA1200 1.2 Meter Fixed Satellite Antenna

1.2 meter fixed antenna

Winegard 2U Rack Mount Controller

iDirect Evolution Modem

Compatible with:

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The Winegard SPA is a motorized auto-acquiring, multi-platform dish antenna that can be mounted to portable or permanent bases. This fixed antenna can be set up and commissioned without a technician, allowing much more deployment flexibility.

The SPA is not constructed or designed to be used as a mobile antenna, we do have a variety of Flyaway satellite internet antennas that are specifically designed as mobile and transportable solutions.

The SPA also has the ability to track inclined orbit satellites, and to repoint itself to a different satellite if necessary. This type of antenna is commonly used in the oil and gas industries or anywhere that installation of a fixed antenna must be accomplished without a trained technician.

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