C-COM iNetVu FMA-180 1.8m Fixed Satellite Antenna

1.8 meter fixed satellite antenna

7000/7024 Controller

iDirect Velocity Router

Compatible with:

The iNetVu FMa-180 Fixed Motorized Antenna system can be mounted as either a permanent installation or on a portable fixed base, and is a completely self-pointing auto-acquire unit. Imagine being able to install a professional-grade satellite commubications antenna without a trainedinstaller. This auto-pointing antenna has been tested and certified to point to a satellite 23,000 miles away with as much precision or more than a certified installation technician with instrumentation.

If the antenna gets bumped, or shifts position for any reason it will automatically find it’s way back to the satellite, re-aim, aand re-establish your satellite communications. The antenna works seamlessly with the iNetVu 7024C Controller.