Livestreaming a Space Shuttle Launch

speedboat cruising over blue water

One of our customers, a software development company in the aviation and weather sectors, is based in Florida. When the first SpaceX shuttle was set to launch nearby, they saw a cool opportunity to engage with their online followers. Since they were already in our network and had a DataSat 960 on the roof of one of their company vehicles, all they needed was increased bandwidth during the period of the launch. A short-term event, this company would only need streaming quality dedicated bandwidth for an hour, then it could be shut back off.

This quick project provided a cool way to connect with a sizable online following. Since all of the equipment was already installed with service already activated, our client could get started with the livestream after a simple phone call to us letting us know they wanted to activate dedicated bandwidth. After that, they had a guaranteed amount of data that allowed for the stream to continue without issue. Once the stream was completed, our client called to be brought back to their usual amount of bandwidth.

Though it was a bit outside of the normal subject matter for our customer, the stream was met with a warm reception on their social channels. At a price point of only a few hundred dollars, the decision to livestream the event was a no-brainer and something the company leadership fully plans to do for future launches.

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