Livestreaming Professional Golfers on the Links

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A large B2B corporation sponsors multiple professional golfers. In years past, valuable clients would get to golf with the professionals and get some tips during a meet-and-greet. It was always a fun, laid back time for the sponsors who were excited to meet a professional and for the golfer to relax and play around.

Then, COVID-19 happened.

With in-person events suspended, the future of these events was unclear. Since it was part of their sponsorship package, golfers wanted to continue participating but knew it had to be different. The team set out to find a way to offer a high quality, personal experience, while maintaining proper social distancing precautions to keep the golfer and the client safe.

Expedition Communications was contacted with an interesting request- follow professional golfers as they livestream practice rounds with clients, answering the clients’ questions and giving them pointers in real time. These events would take place across the country at multiple golf courses, and with multiple different professional golfers. The streams had to be high quality with no lagging, regardless of the location of the golf courses.

Over the course of three months during the fall of 2020, Expedition Communications visited 6 golf courses documenting 4 golfers as they played virtual rounds. The streams were always seamless, adding to the high-end experience that the marketing team was trying to cultivate for the clients participating. Though it wasn’t in person, it was a memorable experience for everyone involved and a great example of the innovation that change brings.

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