Hybrid Cellular and Satellite Internet Systems

RVDataSat 840 installed on top of an RV

Can I have cellular and satellite internet that work together?

A few years ago, the answer to this question would have been no- but not anymore. MobilSat has mastered the art of hybrid cellular and satellite internet. By combining satellite and cellular, you get the best of both worlds. Hybrid internet provides the absolute best in reliability without sacrificing data speed. For remote business customers that must always be connected to the best speeds available, hybrid is the only option.

Stay Connected From Anywhere

Hybrid systems provide cellular internet when available due to the higher speeds and lower latency. Once the cellular connection begins to fade- or goes out entirely- the satellite antenna can be deployed with a click of a button. Within a few minutes, the satellite antenna begins providing a reliable connection and you’re back online. In practice, this is a near-seamless transition. Downtime during the change is minimal, ensuring you can get connected quickly. Once moved to an area with a stronger cellular signal, the cellular router can be used once more. 

The RVDataSat 840 and ACU on the left, and the Peplink Balance 20X and Mobile Mark external antenna on the right.

Wherever you are, you will have the best connection possible. Whether it is satellite or cellular, your connection will be optimized and ready to switch to keep providing you with the strongest possible speeds.

Reliability of hybrid cellular and satellite

The reliability of a cellular and satellite system is simply the reliability of its individual parts. Though cellular internet is notoriously unreliable when traveling to remote areas (though it is quickly getting better thanks to Band 71), satellite internet is available virtually anywhere in the country with a view of the southern sky. This ensures constant, guaranteed connectivity, no matter how remote you go.

A DataSat 840 connected from the Alaskan wilderness.

The value of a hybrid cellular and satellite internet system isn’t in its reliability, but in its ability to provide speeds far above what satellite internet can provide. If reliability is the primary concern and internet speeds are not important, we suggest going with a mobile satellite internet system.

Networks for hybrid internet systems

For cellular internet, any cellular provider will be available as long as you choose the right equipment. The cellular routers provided by MobilSat are compatible with every major cellular network, including international networks. Just get a data plan from the network you want, insert the SIM card, and you will be connected. Many of our routers have multiple SIM slots and some have data aggregation, allowing our customers to harness the power of different networks at the same time.

Your options for satellite internet will depend on the type of satellite antenna you choose. Our privately managed iDirect network is available for any Ku-band satellite antenna, including our DataSat satellite antenna line. Likewise, Ka-band antennas from Winegard, C-COM iNetVu, and AVL can be used with ViaSat network service plans. Both iDirect and ViaSat have plenty of options to fit any user’s data usage and speed requirements.

From left to right: a DataSat 960, a DataSat HNS-RV, and an AVL 1280 KVH-AAQ. The 960 is compatible with our iDirect network, and the HNS-RV and 1280 KVH-AAQ with the HughesNet and Viasat networks, respectively.

Do I have to pay for both services separately?

Our satellite and cellular offering isn’t so much a combined service as it is an integrated set of services. Due to this, each different system will require its own contract and plan. For example, if a customer wanted a Verizon cellular plan, a T-Mobile cellular plan, and an iDirect plan, they would need the following:

  • A cellular router capable of handling multiple SIM cards at once
  • A cellular data plan from Verizon and a cellular data plan from T-Mobile
  • A satellite antenna, modem, and router
  • A service agreement on either the iDirect or ViaSat network

Each of those components would have to be purchased separately with separate contracts. Many cellular providers, including MobilSat, offer month to month cellular service and many satellite providers offer satellite data “bucket” plans that are good for 6 months to a year.

To sum it up

While a dual cellular and satellite solution isn’t for everyone, it can be the perfect option for a remote business owner that wants to maximize their connection from any location. MobilSat offers two primary hybrid satellite and cellular internet packages built for remote business but can also create unique offers depending on our client’s needs. To build a unique package, give our sales team a call or shoot us an email.

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