Following a Family of Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

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National Geographic is known for finding innovative ways to educate people on the natural world. Through their iconic magazine, television channel, and many different social channels, NatGeo connects people to things they would otherwise never get to see. Recently they decided to take it a step further. Rather than record content, edit it, and release it, they would livestream from a remote location and give their viewers a real time glimpse into the lives of rare animals. After some discussion, the family of gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park was picked as the ideal candidate.

NatGeo had enough logistics to worry about, so they trusted Expedition Communications with providing the internet connection. Our team got to work devising a plan that would provide adequate bandwidth for a seamless stream while not breaking the bank. The equipment was shipped out days in advance of when it was needed, and tested prior to the beginning of the stream.

The livestream went off without a hitch, providing a rare real-time glimpse into the lives of some of the rarest park residents of Yellowstone National Park. Once the livestream was done and the bandwidth could be stopped, NatGeo called our offices to shut off the service and the project was completed. While both NatGeo and Expedition Communications were happy with the outcome, the real winners were the thousands of people around the globe that got to watch such a rare event.

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