Satellite VPN

To overcome the challenges of VPN over satellite, we also offer a hybrid VPN solution called SatSecure VPN. SatSecure combines a VPN with a secure private satellite network to create a high quality business VPN over satellite. This solution securely connects the customers network directly to a VPN appliance located within the Mobil Satellite Technologies teleport facility in Hagerstown, MD.

The VPN exists across the public Internet where it is needed but does not exist across the private and secured satellite network, which allows the acceleration technologies of our satellite network to function. When standard VPN technologies are used across the satellite link, they prevent the acceleration capabilities of our network from functioning.

For our military and government customers, and those who need additional security across the satellite link, we also offer AES256 encryption which encrypts the traffic between the remote and our teleport while still allowing the acceleration features to function. This eliminates the performance problems associated with using VPN over satellite.

SatSecure VPN Rates

Managed VPN Service

$99per month

$299 one-time setup fee

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Additional SatSecure Sites

$50per month

$99 one-time setup fee

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