RDS Manpack

The RDS Manpack is lightweight, compact, portable, robust with carbon fiber reflectors and bases, and easy and quick to assemble. AvL’s Az/El positioners feature easy pointing as well as fine-tuning. As with all AvL antenna systems, these antennas interface with any modem, RF electronics, or satellite service and achieve pointing accuracy and pointing stability even in the most extreme conditions.

• 8-piece AvL carbon fiber reflector with an aluminum hub
• Manual Az/El operation standard – coarse & fine
• Manual Pol rotation
• 5-minute set-up
• Airline carry-on compliant single case pack-up ((less than 35 lbs. and 45” girth)
• 2-Port Ku-band Precision (LP) (standard Cross-Pol comp.)
• Optional feeds: 2-port Ku-band Mode-Match (LP) (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.),
• 2-Port Ka-band Commercial (CP or LP), 2-port Ka-band MIL (CP or LP) (WGS),
• 2-Port X-band MIL (CP) (WGS) – Opt. Rx/Tx Reject Filter Kit
• App assisted manual pointing
• BUC/LNB integration
• Military great design with commercial specifications and price


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