C-COM iNetVu Fly-981 .98m Flyaway Satellite Antenna

The iNetVu FLY-98V Flyaway Antenna is a 98 cm satellite antenna system which is a highly portable, self-pointing, auto-acquire unit that is configurable with the iNetVu 7710 Controller providing fast satellite acquisition within minutes, anytime, anywhere. It can be assembled in 10 minutes by one person.

Package includes:

.98m flyaway antenna
iNetVu 7710 Series Rack Mount Controller
6RU Rack Case for Controller and Electronics

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  • One-Piece, high surface accuracy, offset feed, steel reflector
  • Heavy duty feed arm capable of supporting up to 5kg (10lbs) RF electronics (LnB & BuC)
  • Designed to work with the inetVu 7710 Controller
  • Works seamlessly with the worlds most popular commercially available Ku modems
  • Axis motorization
  • Supports manual control when required
  • One button, auto-pointing controller acquires Ku-band satellite within 2 minutes
  • Captive hardware / Fasteners
  • 10 minute assembly by one person, no tools required
  • Compact packaging; 3 ruggedized cases
  • Standard 2 year warranty

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