KVH TracPhone V3 HTS

Maximize your business efficiency and improve crew morale with TracPhone V3-HTS, the ultra-compact 37 cm Ku-band maritime VSAT system from KVH. Until now, the speed and global connections offered by the V3-HTS were only available on much larger systems. Enjoy the power to connect with your office, obtain chart and weather updates, browse the Internet, stream HD content, and more. With flexible metered airtime plans, this complete solution offers:

  • A commercial-grade antenna with high-performance stabilization and tracking
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and highest levels of performance
  • Uncompromised download/upload speeds as fast as 5/2 Mbps

Stay connected so you can spend more time onboard your boat or yacht! For high-quality, always-on broadband data connections by marine satellite Internet, an integrated voice line for crystal-clear calls, and data speeds as fast as 2 Mbps, you should choose KVH’s ultra-compact 37 cm (14.5 inch) TracPhone V3-IP antenna and the worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network. This is currently the # 1 maritime VSAT service in the world. TracPhone V3-IPs exclusive ArcLight spread spectrum technology enables use of small, powerful antennas with no compromise in coverage or data speed.

Providing Maritime Connectivity Worldwide

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