Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

An always available, resilient voice service for wherever you are on the planet- no matter how remote.
IsatPhone 2 operates on the most reliable satellite communications network in the world, offering unrivalled battery life as well as email and SMS capabilities.
The capabilities of our handheld satellite phone have been proven across a wide range of sectors, in each case delivering dependable voice calling services that people and organisations can depend upon to stay connected and safe, as well as to improve operational efficiency.


Across the world, mining teams rely on the resilience of IsatPhone 2, whether communicating with control centres or with other teams across remote mining projects, such as exploration teams who are often on the move and in harsh environments.


Growers and livestock farmers also benefit from the reliability of IsatPhone 2 to stay connected across large, remote farms. Rapid, resilient voice communications allow for effective response to business risks like fire or remote worker injuries, and help teams keep in touch with their control centres.


Workers in the utilities sector frequently have to carry out maintenance and routine checks in remote parts of the world, operating across complex power grids and pipelines where terrestrial connectivity fails to reach. IsatPhone 2 can provide these teams with vital reassurance that they can make contact with control centres regardless of where they are working.

Aid & NGO

IsatPhone 2 plays a key role for many organisations in the sector when it comes to keeping personnel safe. Frequently operating under harsh, dangerous conditions in inhospitable environments, having reliable voice communications in an emergency is of paramount importance to the teams working on the ground.

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