Globalstar SPOT Trace

The GlobalStar SPOT Trace offers advanced asset tracking capability. This rugged, easy-to-use device instantly alerts you via text or email when your most valuable assets are on the move. Create an automatic log of where your equipment is located and where it goes with the Spot Trace. Manage your inventory from a distance and utilize SPOT Trace for loss prevention.


Enhanced Tracking

Set up asset tracking at 2½, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minute intervals. View your asset’s GPS coordinates online in near real-time with SPOT Mapping. With the SPOT Trace, you know exactly where your assets are without any surprises.

Movement Alerts

Receive text and/or email notifications when your SPOT Trace’s vibration sensor detects your asset has new movement.

Dock Mode

Configure SPOT Trace to track an asset that is primarily stored on the water. Dock Mode changes the way your SPOT device determines new movement by taking the constant motion of a vessel on the water into consideration.

Warning and Status Messages

Receive a notification if SPOT Trace is powered off, when SPOT Trace’s batteries are low, or set a daily alert to let you know your asset is secure. Configure your SPOT Trace to provide alerts for the circumstances that are important to you.


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