C-COM iNetVu 1200 1.2m Mobile Satellite Antenna

Package includes:

1.2 meter antenna

7024C Controller

This antenna systems is compatible with:

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With its 1.2 meter dish, 1200 can be provisioned with Expedition Communications Enterprise iDirect commercial VSAT service or with HughesNet’s higher bandwidth plans.
The iNetVu 1200 is one of the more robust 1.2 meter system that we have seen. Its design is heavy-duty, and it is constructed of heavy gauge materials. One look at this dish and you will know you have one of the best on the market.
With its robust actuator designed to quickly position the dish accurately, the iNetVu 1200 is able to deploy and lock onto the satellite in less than 3 minutes….. about 1/2 the time of most other systems.