AVL 878 .85m Mobile Satellite Antenna

.85 meter With:
AAQ Auto-Acquire Controller
This antenna system is Compatable with:

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The 878 is an .85 meter Ku-Band VSAT auto-deploy antenna that is excellent for medium sized vehicles requiring satellite communications. AVL Technologies antennas are built MilSpec tough, and are currently in service on thousands of First Responder, Public Safety, NASCAR, and Department of Defense vehicles. Deployment action is sure and smooth, and once the antenna has completed it’s automatic pointing it is rock solid. Be sure to ask for complete information about this powerful mobile VSAT antenna.

Reflector size: 0.85 m (90 x 80 cm) Precision Composite
Appx weight – (w/o BUC / LNB): Approximately 90 lbs. as shown, varies depending on options


Stowed: 13.5″
Max. Length w/IFL Cables Connected: 53″

Wind Survival

Deployed: 75 mph
Stowed: 75 mph
Operational: 45mph
Operational: -25F to 125F
Stowed: -40F to 140F
Travel Velocity
Azimuth: 2 degrees/second
Elevation: 2 degrees/second