Pepwave Balance 310 5G - Expedition Communications

Pepwave Balance 310 5G

Built for harsh deployments that demand peak, consistent performance. A slim form factor that can fit practically anywhere, and natively 5G-ready.

Unbreakable Connectivity with 5G and LTE

The Balance 310 5G provides built-in seamless failover for 5G and LTE. Patented SpeedFusion technology combines multiple connections for jitter-free calls and high-speed transfers.

Rugged Industrial-Grade Design

The Balance 310 5G has a fanless design and a wide temperature range. Drop it into demanding environments and run it for years without worry.

Control Anytime, Anywhere

The Balance 310 5G comes with the InControl central management system. Easily centralize firewall rules, outbound policy, VLAN, device configurations, and more. One central platform to manage your network.

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