Satcube Ku

Satcube Ku enables users to create an easy to use Wi-Fi hotspot and get high-speed broadband connection in less than a minute to execute critical on-the-spot work assignments and communications.
The Satcube Ku terminal is highly suitable for a wide range of users, such as broadcast media, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organizations, telemedicine, NGO´s, corporate executives and more.
The Satcube Ku integrates the iDirect IQ 200 (Evolution and Velocity), Newtec MDM2510 and UHP 210.

Only 8Kg

All-in-one compact carry on satellite terminal with a flat antenna in the size of a large laptop

High Speed – Up To 20 Mbps

Tapping next-generation High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and wide-beam Ku

Get Connected In Under a Minute

A highly intuitive user interface makes operation as simple as using a smartphone

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