Satcube Ku

Satcube Ku enables users to create an easy to use Wi-Fi hotspot and get high-speed broadband connection in less than a minute to execute critical on-the-spot work assignments and communications.
The Satcube Ku terminal is highly suitable for a wide range of users, such as broadcast media, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organizations, telemedicine, NGO´s, corporate executives and more. Read more about all user cases on this page.
The Satcube Ku integrates the iDirect IQ 200 (Evolution and Velocity), Newtec MDM2510 and UHP 210.

Only 8Kg

All-in-one compact carry on satellite terminal with a flat antenna in the size of a large laptop

High Speed – Up To 20 Mbps

Tapping next-generation High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and wide-beam Ku

Get Connected In Under a Minute

A highly intuitive user interface makes operation as simple as using a smartphone


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