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Switching satellite internet providers is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

Select one of our service plans. A communications expert can help walk you through the best option for your team based on your usage habits and bandwidth needs.
Complete any needed updates. This often includes firmware and option file updates for your modem and controller. If your modem is locked, you will need a new unit.
For fixed installations, your antenna will have to be repointed to the new satellite. Your system is now transferred successfully and ready to get connected.

To find the best service plan for your needs, we recommend getting in touch with our team. You can call us, submit a form, or chat with us using the bubble in the bottom right of your screen. We will walk you through your options so you find the right fit.

iDirect Satellite Network

Our privately-managed satellite network. Boasting one of the lowest contention rates in the United States, this enterprise and public safety grade service is a favorite of first responders and emergency response crews. The iDirect network works with Ku-band satellite antennas.


$ 159 Starting at/ Month
  • Up to 4 Mbps Upload
  • Up to 10 Mbps Download
  • Min. Antenna Size of 0.84m
  • 16 Different Options


$ 129 Starting at/ Month
  • 768 Kbps Max Upload
  • 2056 Kbps Max Download
  • CIR at $5 per Kbps
  • Unlimited Data Usage

Public Safety

$ 149 Starting at/ Month
  • 10 Days Per Month
  • 4 Mbps Max Upload
  • 20 Mbps Max Download
  • Min. Antenna Size of 0.84m


$ 96 Per Hour/ Per Mbps
  • Up to 4 Mbps Upload
  • Up to 5 Mbps Download
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Customizable Plans

Business Priority

$ 995 Starting at
  • 100GB to 5TB of Data Per Month
  • 18 Mbps Downstream by 5 Mbps Upstream
  • 12 Month Contract Term

First Responder Priority

$ 3495 Starting at
  • 40GB to 4TB of Data Included
  • 18 Mbps Downstream by 5 Mbps Upstream
  • Service Valid for 12 Months After Purchase

Viasat Satellite Network

Highly regarded Ka-band network that boasts speeds up to 18 Mbps downstream by 5 Mbps upstream. With high speeds and relatively low latency, Viasat has gained a reputation as one of the best satellite internet networks for consumers, corporations, first response crews, and government organizations alike.

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