Satellite Services from 10/20 – 10/26

Our technicians performed excellent satellite installations, repairs and emergencies for over 20+ locations.  Here are a few pictures of their work uploaded below. Satellite Work Locations: GRANT, AL HUNTSVILLE, AL MULBERRY, AR ELK GROVE, CA ESCONDIDO, CA PLEASANTON, CA SAN MARCOS, HONDURAS STORM LAKE, IA BOISE, ID BELLEVILLE, IL COLUMBUS, KS SHEPERDSVILLE, KY GLENDIVE, MT … Read more

Week of 10/13 – Completed Satellite Work

We had a busy week last week our technicians installed and repaired satellites for over 20+ locations. They sent in a few pictures of their work posted below. Satellite Work Locations: ASHFORD, AL HUNTSVILLE, AL SNEAD, AL CEDARVILLE, AR MILPITAS, CA TARZANA, CA WILMINGTON, CA WINNIPEG, MB, CANADA COLORADO SPRINGS, CO LOVELAND, CO JACKSONVILLE, FL … Read more

Week of 10/6 – 40+ Satellite Service Locations

A huge load this week but our techs did a great job with 40+ locations and had the energy to send in some pictures of their services. Installation and Repair Locations: HUNTSVILLE, AL CABOT, AR GREENBRIER, AR ORANGE, CA MILPITAS, CA SACRAMENTO, CA VACAVILLE, CA WINNIPEG, MB, CANADA BRIGHTON, CO COLORADO SPRINGS, CO SARASOTA, FL … Read more

Week of 9/28 – Pictures and Service Locations

Last week we continued our work in uniting the world through satellite communications.   Our satellite techs went to “The Biggest Little City in the World” (Reno, NV) then to the home of the Spurs in San Antonio, TX to name a few, there are more locations below. Service Locations: SNEAD, AL LIVERMORE, CA ONTARIO, CA … Read more

VSAT Services from 09/15 thru 09/21

Last week our technicians got to work on VSAT installs and maintenance in Colorado, Kansas, here in California as well as Peurto Rico.  Our techs sent in some shots of their work for you to view, see you next week! Installations and Service Locations: ANCHORAGE, AK INDIO, CA ROHNERT PARK, CA ROSEVILLE, CA CALGARY, AB, CANADA … Read more

Week of Sept 8 – VSAT Installation and Services

Our Sat. technicians visited cities in our Southeastern states such as Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama, and also employed VSAT services in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Installations and Service Locations: HUNTSVILLE, AL JONESBORO, AR BREA, CA FELTON, CA INDIO, CA LOS ANGELES, CA ROHNERT PARK, CA CALGARY, AB, CANADA WASHINGTON, DC STOCKBRIDGE, WI EAST POINT, … Read more

Week of Sept 1 – Work Completed

During the week of September 1st our techs were busy installing some more satellites for our clients nationwide. Installations and Service Locations: HEADLAND, AL HUNTSVILLE, AL ROHNERT PARK, CA ROSEVILLE, CA BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA WRAY, CO SAINT PETERSBURG, FL INDIANAPOLIS, IN PHILLIPSBURG, KS TOPEKA, KS SAUGUS, MA MOUNT VERNON, MO BROWNS SUMMIT, NC WINSTON SALEM, … Read more

Satellite Jobs Completed – Week of Aug 18th

The past two weeks were eventful; our techs performed satellite repairs in our neighboring country, Canada, and to Ghana for 1.8M install, as well as another handful of 1.8M installs for some of our clients in the U.S. Installations and Service Locations: HEADLAND, AL ROBERTSDALE, AL BENTONVILLE, AR HUNTSVILLE, AR BAKERSFIELD, CA LOS ANGELES, CA … Read more

Satellite Services from 8/11 to 8/17

Last week our Satellite Techs went to British Columbia, Bahamas and right around the corner to West Hollywood. Installations and Service Locations: SILOAM SPRINGS, AR BAHAMAS SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA LAKEWOOD, CA MURIETTA, CA SANTA MARIA, CA WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA ECKLEY, CO PUEBLO, CO BOCA RATON, FL MIAMI, FL OMAHA, NE FINLEYVILLE, PA PHILADELPHIA, PA GUAYNABO, … Read more

Week of Aug 4th – Satellite Installations and Services

Our satellite techs did some installations and repairs around the world last week of August 4th, from California to Alaska. Below are some locations and pictures of our work. Installations and Service Locations: FAIRBANKS, AK BENTONVILLE, AR CULVER CITY, CA LOS BANOS, CA OCEANSIDE, CA PLEASANTON, CA GRAND JUNCTION, CO HOMESTEAD, FL KISSIMMEE, FL PENSACOLA, … Read more