3-Day Satellite Internet Installation

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With 3-day satellite internet installation, your business can utilize high-speed internet communications with minimal wait time. Our three-day call-to-install guarantee brings a telecommunications engineer to your location three business days after your initial service request, allowing you to focus on your business rather than struggle with connectivity problems. Whether you need a simple antenna installation or a full end-to-end business communications solution, we can help.

Contingency Plans

Having backup internet for your business is important. Internet outages and infrastructure failures can cripple your business. yet, they don't have to. With Expedition Communications’ three-day call-to-install guarantee, you can be back online in as little as 72 hours.

Satellite Dish Positioning
Puerto Rico

Service Areas

Expedition Communications’ team of telecommunications engineers can provide three-day installation services in many regions:

  • Continental United States
  • Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico
  • Latin America & the Caribbean