VoIP Voice Lines & Managed VoIP Over Satellite

Mobil Satellite Technologies has been providing commercial quality, toll-grade Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to our customers for many years. Over time, we have tested and ruled out dozens of different VoIP solutions before selecting a technology that was designed specifically for use with satellite internet. With our satellite-friendly VoIP service you can expect higher clarity, less jitter, no echo, less delay, and an overall better call experience.

Mobil Satellite Technologies ITSP VOIP Network is managed and monitored 24/7. All hardware is located within a 24/7 staffed, highly-secured facility right outside of Washington, DC. To ensure our VoIP lines never go down, our facility has backup power and multiple redundant internet connections.

This service is highly recommended for first responders and other users who operate in environments or locations when traditional telephone service may not be available due to a remote location, a force of nature, or some sort of man-made event.

Managed VoIP Service Costs

Each Mobil Satellite Technologies DID (Direct Inbound Dial) telephone number will include unlimited local and domestic USA long distance calling.

VoIP 1

$99.99per month per line

Includes 10Kbps CIR
$50 set up per line

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VoIP 2

$49.99per month per line

For use with service plans that include CIR
$50 set up per line

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VoIP Telephone Numbers

VoIP numbers can be requested based on the local calling area from any USPS verified physical address. Please note that not all customer requested numbers are immediately available and can take up to 2 weeks to provision.

Toll Free Numbers are also available upon request with a $50 per line additional setup charge.


Enterprise level VOIP SIP trunks are also available, enabling you to have one VOIP DID number, while being able to make multiple simultaneous inbound and outbound calls. Call us to speak with one of our Sales Engineers for more information.

Features and Benefits

All Mobilsat managed VoIP phone services include the following features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • E-911 (note this works differently than traditional 911 services)
  • Call transfer
  • 3-way calling
  • Do not disturb
  • Call termination to PSTN at location distant from any event that might interrupt local connectivity

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