X1 Outdoor Satellite Router

Compact and low-powered, the iDirect Evolution X1 Outdoor Satellite Router features DVB-S2 and Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) on the outbound and Adaptive TDMA on the return to maximize bandwidth efficiency. The X1 Outdoor router withstands extreme temperatures and is pole mountable for increased flexibility and convenience. The Evolution X1 Outdoor Satellite Router also has a web-based iSite for ease of remote commissioning.

The iDirect Evolution X1 Outdoor satellite modem is perfect for use in large, outdoor networks common to Energy Exploration & Production, pipeline monitoring, SCADA, and femtocell applications. The iDirect Evolution X1 Outdoor satellite modem has the latest iDirect DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA, geo-redundancy, VLAN functionality, optional AES encryption and is enclosed by an IP67 weatherproof enclosure that enables extended temperature range, passive cooling and multiple power options, including DC, making it perfect for solar applications.

An X1 Outdoor Router operates in outdoor ambient temperatures as low as -40o F (-40o C). However, if the satellite router is powered off long enough for the internal temperature to fall below -13 degrees F (-25 degrees C ) then the modem must warm up before it will become operational. Once the internal temp is warm enough, the heater board will shut off and stop using additional power until the internal temp drops again. If the modem is operational and the temperature drops, the heater will pulse to keep the internal temperature up to an operational level.

  • Star topology
  • DVB-S2/ACM outbound
  • Adaptive TDMA return channel
  • Increased inbound symbol rate up to 4 Msps*
  • IP67 enclosure to withstand extreme temperatures
  • AC or DC power supplies
  • Multicast up to 60 Mbps
  • Geo-redundancy*
  • NAT/PAT routing protocols*
  • cRTP* header compression for voice
  • Up to 8 VLANs*
  • Optional 256-bit AES encryption*
  • Low cost of entry

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