Winegard TRAV’LER Pro Mobile TV Antenna

Welcome to the next generation of the Trav’ler mobile television antenna. The Trav’ler Pro is the ultimate satellite TV antenna for on-the-road living, featuring a brand new mobile application for faster satellite acquisition and a reimagined control system for over-the-air updates. With the Trav’ler Pro you get the best in mobile television in a new streamlined package.

Modernized Operation, Evolved Mechanical Design

Winegard TRAV’LER Pro uses certified provider reflectors and LNBs, offering the unique multi-satellite experience and giving customers seamless operation no matter how many receivers they are using. Just like home.

TRAV’LER Pro features a newly-redesigned IDU for traditional operation, and now also offers the ability to connect a mobile device via Bluetooth. The redesigned IDU controller features a sleek, modern look with capacitive touch buttons that allow for instant response when touched. The IDU offers internet cloud connectivity for remote monitoring and operation of the unit, as well as the ability to push software updates over-the-air if needed, without needing a physical device such as a USB stick or laptop computer.

The TRAV’LER Pro Mobile App

Connecting via Bluetooth and utilizing the Winegard Mobile App offers additional control and monitoring capabilities:

  • Initiate an enhanced search with a GPS-enabled mobile device, leading to faster satellite acquisition
  • Enhanced diagnostics, including the ability to actively monitor the search sequence, check signal strength, and troubleshoot any potential issues
  • Easily change providers, if necessary
  • Stow the satellite remotely when ready to travel
  • Allow dealers to connect their personal devices to troubleshoot a unit without requiring physical access to the IDU controller if needed

Additional Features

  • An improved cabling design, providing less stress and decreasing normal wear and tear on internal coax cables
  • A die cast antenna bracket replaces stamped sheet metal, adding strength and durability
  • Addition of a center radial bearing to reduce turret play or “slop”, especially seen under heavy winds and additional sensors reduce overall search/stow time
  • Identical transition plate and data cable as current TRAV’LER systems allows customers interested in upgrading from current TRAV’LER models to TRAV’LER Pro without breaking any seals or running a new data cable

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