Intellian v130 1.25m Marine VSAT System

The Earth Stations on Vessel (ESV) is used to enable broadband access, data communication, and telephone via an established satellite link, operating in the fixed satellite service while vessels are traveling near the coast or on the high seas. Intellian v130 is designed to track the satellite with great precision to response the ship’s motion in the roughest seas conditions.

The v130 consists of two major units, the antenna unit and the antenna control unit (ACU), which offers user-friendly operation interface and easy connections to the variety of satellite modems and gyrocompass. In addition, the ACU has an embedded self-diagnosis function and can be remote accessed by the supplied PC program through the TCP/IP protocol. With its high-efficiency 1.25m dish, the v130 is designed to meet the requirements of ESV for receiving and transmitting the data via Ku-band frequency.

Once the v130 is installed, it makes target satellite setting a breeze and optimizes satellite-tracking parameters automatically. The v130 can be easily configured in a variety of ways with use of the LNB, BUC and modem to accomplish individual application needs. To guarantee the highest performance and reliability, Intellian designs and engineers all of its antennas’ major RF components, control boards, pedestal parts, and radome in house, optimized for rough marine application through the most stringent environmental testing standards, which are much more severe than you will ever encounter.

The v130 has an unlimited azimuth range for continuous tracking without un-wrapping the cables in the antenna. The wide elevation range from minus 15-degrees to 120-degrees enables the v130 to have seamless signal reception while the vessel is traveling near the equator or polar regions.

The v130 meets the FCC’s 2-degree spacing requirement and is built with Intellian’s extremely high vibration and shock standards. The simple design of the v130 offers lighter weight and greater reliability than any competitor’s system in its class. With an easy installation design and the most user-friendly interface you can find in the market, the v130 guarantees that you will have a whole new broadband experience at sea.

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