Hughes LEO Terminal

Reliable High-Speed Internet, Powered by OneWeb

Speeds up to 195Mbps down and 32Mbps up, with seamless handoffs from one satellite beam to the next, maintaining uninterrupted connectivity.

With its sleek and innovative low-profile Electronically Steered Antenna, the Hughes LEO Terminal represents the leading edge of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) user equipment. Developed by Hughes, the LEO Terminal automatically self-aligns to the Hughes OneWeb constellation.

With a built-in modem and no moving parts, the terminal is optimized for operation over the OneWeb Ku-band LEO satellite constellation, enabling high bandwidth, low latency connectivity at speeds up to 195 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up. The lightweight, low-power and weather-tight terminal boasts a solid and durable aluminum chassis, making it easy to install and maintain in any environment.

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