The FL60P terminal is a state-of-the-art flat array antenna system designed for a new generation of fully integrated satellite communication terminals. Its flat shape and high gain make it a unique and novel antenna system. All components, including the antenna system, RF units, satellite router, WiFi devices, and power supply, are integrated into a compact terminal enclosure in subtle ways

A compact, cost-effective, auto-acquire comms-on-the-pause satellite terminal

  • All-in-One, fully integrated: flat panel antenna, Modem, BUC, LNB, WiFi, Power Supply
  • Higher gain, Higher antenna efficiency
  • Small Size, Light weight for backpack
  • Secure satellite lock in 3 min with mobile APP connected to terminal via Bluetooth
  • 3.1 in. OLED display for quicker pointing satellite and checking real-time working status

FL6Op Product Sheet

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