Encore Networks BANDIT II

  • Available in industrially hardened and commercial grade versions
  • IPSec or SLE for enhanced VPN over satellite networks
  • Manageability (Remote Monitoring and Configuration)
  • Multi Network connectivity over any network including Frame Relay and IP
  • Cellular connectivity for primary, load sharing, back-up or out-of-management support
  • Up to 2 serial ports for legacy traffic
  • Host Site Diversification for Disaster Recovery

Encore Networks Bandit II is the ideal solution for satellite VPN. It provides RoHS, 3DES/AES256, and HIPPA compliant data encryption at the application layer. All without affecting the performance or throughput of your internet connection!

The Bandit II encrypts at the application layer, encrypting the data in the IP data packets but leaving the IP headers unencrypted. This results in VPN security that can still be accelerated over a satellite Internet connection. By putting a Bandit II at each end of the connection, you gain the security of a VPN without the typical performance degradation often associated with satellite connectivity.

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