Mobile Satellite Internet Dishes for Constant, Reliable Connectivity

No matter where you are, stay connected. With just a click, our collection of mobile satellite antenna lock on to the satellite and provide you with a reliable, stable internet connection from practically anywhere in North America. Connection is established in a matter of minutes, and once you are ready to continue traveling can be stowed with another click. Available on both the iDirect and ViaSat networks and with dish sizes ranging from .75 meters to 1.2 meters, Mobil Satellite Technologies has the perfect satellite internet dish to fit your unique needs.


Disaster Response

Public Health and Safety

Recreational Vehicle

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Mobil Satellite Technologies

At the intersection of affordable, dependable, and simple lives the DataSat mobile satellite product line by Mobil Satellite Technologies. Our 840 is the most affordable entry-level mobile satellite system available, and our 1200 is perfect for mobile enterprises requiring a low-cost antenna.

  • Ku-Band
  • Best Value
  • Great for RVs and Remote Business

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AVL Mobile Satellite Antennas

AVL sets the standard for mobile antennas. These auto-acquiring mobile satellite antennas are equipped with AVL’s patented motorized, zero-backlash Cable Drive technology and offer a dry, maintenance-free solution that will reliably operate in even the most extreme environments. Deploying in minutes and extremely easy to use, AVL antennas allow instant connectivity to satellite internet, VOIP, and VPN.

  • Ka-Band & Ku-Band
  • Military & Defense
  • Best Quality

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iNetVu Mobile Satellite Systems

iNetVu mobile satellite antennas are the world’s most popular one-button, motorized, auto-acquire VSAT System. For reliable broadband Internet over satellite, there are few better options than C-COM iNetVu. These vehicle-mounted antennas are available in Ka-Band and Ku-band, ranging in size from 75cm to 1.8m, and are designed to perform in the harshest of environments to meet your critical communication requirements.

  • Ka-Band & Ku-Band
  • Most Available Size Options

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winegard satellite system

Winegard Mobile Satellite Antennas

Offering one of the best values for a ViaSat mobile satellite antenna, Winegard continues solidifying their reputation for quality and dependability. Winegard VSAT mobile satellite antennas are especially popular where conditions are harsh, such as oil fields and research expeditions.

  • Ka-Band & Ku-Band
  • Best Consumer Ka-Band Antenna

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Folding Platforms for Mobile Satellite Dishes

Mobil Satellite Technologies designs and manufactures custom folding platforms for any mobile antenna. Our engineering team can design around AC units and any other obstructions to create the perfect folding antenna platform for any vehicle. Below are just a few examples of how folding antenna platform have solved satellite antenna installation issues in the past. Many of these had vertical clearance issues that would not otherwise have allowed the installation of an automatic satellite Internet antenna. For more information or to request a folding antenna platform, please send us a message or give us a call.

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