As a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and roots in U.S. Army telecommunications and Satcom, the team at Expedition Communications understands the many unique needs in implementing military-grade satellite
communications systems.


Public Safety

Public Safety teams expect their communication systems to be reliable and redundant. They rely on the team at Expedition Communications to design, implement, and manage their end-to-end networks – from Rapid Deployable Satellite to cellular data and First Responder Internet, we’ve got you covered.



Our enterprise solutions combine our expertise in business continuity with our future focused approach to network design. Integrate multiple modes of communication and auto-failovers to achieve new nimble and dependable networks or polished network refreshes. See our case study.


Energy & Utilities

Like communication systems, energy transfers via a global network. That means that the infrastructure connecting that network must traverse the globe. From ocean-based oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to solar farms in the Mohave desert, our teams and VSAT terminals are designed to meet remote connectivity needs.



What do military ships, dredges, and cruise liners all have in common? They all need to keep their captains and crews connected to land and other sea vessels. What’s more is these vessels need special consideration given when designing comms systems due to other radar, sonar, and electrical on board.


Financial Services

Maintaining a good reputation for customer service and experience is crucial for financial institutions. Reliable internet connections for both customer-facing and internal operations are essential for smooth daily operations. Minimize downtime and maximize access to funds for customers with Expedition Communications.



Healthcare providers are under constant pressure to deliver top-notch care. Satellite communication technology can assist them in achieving this by offering dependable, fast connectivity in remote or hard-to-reach areas.



Satellite technology has been a major advantage for retailers looking to stay ahead in a constantly changing market. By providing reliable and fast connectivity, it allows stores to access benefits that are not achievable through conventional communication methods. Expedition Communications guarantees that your retail operations remain connected at all times.



Effective communication is crucial for successful broadcasting. The ability to transmit and receive content can greatly impact the overall success of a business. Our satellite engineers can provide the necessary solutions, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.



Satellite technology can be an innovative and efficient way to keep events connected, even in places where traditional communication infrastructure is not available. This type of satellite-based communication allows for real-time collaborations that were previously unimaginable.


Solutions & Services

Rapid Deployable Solutions

Stay connected wherever duty calls. Designed for First Responders and Enterprises, our portable VSAT terminals offer reliable and mobile satellite internet for any crisis response scenario.


First Responder Priority Internet Plans

High-speed, reliable, and prioritized – our internet plans are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by First Responders and emergency services.


Installation & Maintenance

Field Services for all your satellite, cellular data, and SD-WAN needs - from system installations to on-going network maintenance.

Installation and Maintenance

Emergency Satellite Rentals

Need fast, reliable internet during disaster response? Explore our short & long-term satellite rentals for businesses & emergency teams.

Emergency Satellite Rentals

Products Highlights

Compact 4G LTE router for home businesses and outdoor use. Reliable hotspot, embedded LTE modem.
Set sail with confidence knowing you're always connected. The best in maritime satellite technology.
Rapid-deployment, compact trailer for comprehensive mobile communication, anywhere.

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