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Satellite Rentals for Emergency Response

When you need us, we’ll be ready. Offering Ka-band or Ku-band antenna rentals for one month or longer,  Expedition Communications has what it takes to keep your team moving. You can choose from quick auto-deploy solutions or semi-permanent fixed satellite terminals. No matter the choice, we have the perfect solution for fire crews, hurricane response, research expeditions, or any emergency management team.

Connect quick and reliably, wherever you are.

Short and Long-Term Satellite Internet Rental Units

Flyaway or fixed semi-permanent rentals for the contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Ka-Band Rental Antenna Systems

Featuring smaller antenna units and boasting higher top speeds. Available throughout the contiguous United States at different data priority levels for added plan flexibility. Options for 0.75m to 1.2m antennas, either fixed or semi-permanent.

Ku-Band Rental Antenna Systems

Providing service on our privately-managed iDirect network across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Our responder-focused network offers unmatched speed consistency on one of our 1.2m flyaway units.

What to Expect

Request Your Rental

We understand time is not always on your side, and will work with you to get you the equipment you need when you need it. Try to provide as much lead time as possible, especially during hurricane season when demand is high and shipping channels may be compromised.

Expect at least 5-8 days for equipment provisioning, testing, and shipping to your location.

Receive, Set Up, and Deploy Your Rental

We provide all of the equipment and instructions to make setup simple. If you would prefer, we can have one of our technicians on-site to help you get up and running, as well as address any problems should they occur. If you are not requesting an on-site technician, make sure you have a satellite phone to contact our team should you require any assistance.

Return the Antenna and Supporting Equipment

Once you are done using the satellite rental, disassemble the unit and send it back in the same shape it was received. We will notify you once our team receives it. Additional fees may be incurred for damage to the antenna, so be careful while it is in use.

Keeping First Response Crews Connected During the Tennessee Tornado Outbreak

In early March 2020, a group of tornadoes ravaged Middle Tennessee. Cutting through the landscape with a ferocity few predicted, power lines were topped, homes destroyed, and trees snapped. In the aftermath of the storm, there was no time to waste.

We were contacted at 3:30pm on a Friday to provide connectivity to recovery crews around Nashville. An AVL satellite rental unit was immediately commissioned, tested, and prepared for transit. By Saturday afternoon, our unit was on the ground and making a difference.

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